A brief history of AdShip.

AdShip.com was founded February 2009 & headquartered in Miami, Florida. Our Founder & CEO Patrick Blanchet invented the patent-pending Pay-Per-Ship® advertising model, which gives advertisers streamlined access to the enormous and largely untapped retail shipping consumer market and provides shippers with an easy supplemental revenue stream.

Our Pay-Per-Ship® advertising model integrates the latest technology to deliver significantly higher response rates and better reporting capabilities than traditional insert media or direct mail advertising. For example, real-time bidding now enables audience-driven ad targeting. Further, QR-coded print ads that consumers scan with their smart phones are boosting response rates and driving integration with mobile web marketing programs. These and other technological advances are starting to gain broad-based acceptance.

We are at the beginning of our journey to create win-win partnerships between advertisers that want to increase their ROI and branded online retailers that want to earn revenue on each package they ship. We invite you to join us.