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Higher response rates

Higher response rates

AdShip offers significantly higher response rates than traditional insert media or direct mail. Our response rates to date have demonstrated increases ranging from 200% to 1000%.

Multiple impressions

Multiple impressions across two mediums to the same consumer

We ensure a minimum of four customer touch points per shipment. We have tracked as many as 50 impressions for a single shipment due to repeat visits to the shipment tracking portal.

Exposure in highly visible transactional communications

Exposure in highly visible transactional communications

Because they appear in transactional communications related to a purchase a consumer has already made, AdShip ads have a higher chance of being viewed than ads included in sales emails, unsolicited mail, or other settings.

Detailed reporting

Detailed reporting & transparency

Traditional insert media is almost impossible to track or measure accurately. AdShip provides detailed, real-time analytics, including packages sent and delivered, emails sent and opened, impressions per transaction, visits to the tracking page, and clicks.

Excellent targeting capability

Excellent targeting capability

With Pay-Per-Ship®, your ad reaches consumers who are proven buyers of complementary retail products. You can further target your advertising down to the zip code.

Embed video

Ability to embed video ads on digital touch points

We enable video advertising on many of the our shippers' digital touch points. Your video will be displayed when the consumer opens their email or when they visit the package tracking page.

QR Code Placement

Placement of QR codes on packing slips

By placing a QR code on the packing list along with the advertisement, we enable customers to use their smartphones to retrieve additional information, coupons, or videos related to your campaign.

Mid-campaign offer

Flexibility to improve an active campaign

Our technology enables us to change your ads mid-campaign, within hours of submission. You have the opportunity to analyze tracking data in real time and maximize your response by adjusting your message and/or creative as required.