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What is Pay-Per-Ship®?

Pay-Per-Ship® is an advertising model that delivers advertisements on as many as six touch-points delivered across two mediums – digital and print – to consumers that have purchased products to be delivered via mail. Pay-Per-Ship® offers multiple advertising impressions to each consumer throughout the order fulfillment life cycle. 

Advertisements can appear on any or all of the following touch points:

  • Order confirmation page;
  • Order confirmation email;
  • Shipment tracking email;
  • Tracking portal;
  • Printed packing list (QR codes optional); and/or,
  • Delivery confirmation email.

How is Pay-Per-Ship® different than direct mail?

Pay-Per-Ship® guarantees delivery of your advertisement.

Dependent on the Shipper's capabilities, AdShip offers up to six customer touch points per shipment. With AdShip, every shipment is between a certified Shipper and verified recipient. Advertisers receive an actual tracking number and know that each advertisement has reached the intended recipient and exactly when it arrived. Advertisers also know when the package was shipped, from where it was shipped and where it was delivered. With real-time analytics, Advertisers can also see how many emails were opened and how many impressions and clicks their ads receive. AdShip has tracked up to 50 impressions for a single shipment due to repeat visits to the tracking portal. AdShip can also insert video advertisements on many of our online retailers' electronic touch points.

Another exciting feature is that advertisements can be changed at any time in the middle of a live campaign. Deployment of a Pay-Per-Ship® advertising campaign is quicker than direct mail and produces more immediate results.

How is Pay-Per-Ship® different than traditional insert media?

The deployment of a traditional insert media campaign takes 8 to 12 weeks. With AdShip, it can be as little as 48 hours, and Advertisers can see their results immediately by logging into the Campaign Manager Dashboard.

With Pay-Per-Ship® advertising, your ad is delivered across two mediums – digital and print. Pay-Per-Ship® advertisements are not accompanied by other advertisements. We are able to include a video advertisement on many of the multiple electronic touch points and the advertisement can be changed in the middle of a campaign at any point.

What will my advertisement look like?

Click here to see examples.

How do I design my advertisement?

Advertisers submit copy and images online. AdShip does the rest! AdShip assembles the advertisement and sets up a link to the advertiser's website or creates a unique personal URL (PURL) and landing page. AdShip also accepts pre-designed advertisements, as long as they fit size requirements and other graphic specifications. Advertisers have the opportunity to review, proof and sign-off on their advertisements prior to their campaign's release.

How can I monitor my campaign?

AdShip has developed technology that prints the advertisement at the same time the shipping label is printed. AdShip also includes a discount offer, special referral code, and/or website link. To monitor activity, AdShip provides advertisers with a secure, real-time analytics dashboard that tracks the number of:

  • Packages sent and delivered;
  • Emails sent and opened;
  • Impressions per Pay-Per-Ship® transaction;
  • Visits to the tracking page;
  • Clicks; and,
  • Other key metrics.

AdShip also provides advertisers with a specific tracking number to correspond with each Pay-Per-Ship® transaction.