Welcome to Pay-Per-Ship® advertising.

Your ad. A shipper's order fulfillment touch points. Our technology.

Improve the reach and effectiveness of your marketing budget in just three simple steps.

Advertiser Questionnaire

1. Select a Shipper

Our Advertiser Account Manager will take you though a few questions regarding the industries and demographics to which you would like to target your message. If you are eligible to join our advertising network, we will present you with complementary Shippers in order for you to select a brand and initiate a campaign.

Create an ad

2. Create an ad or let us

Send us your advertisement or give AdShip the materials to create one for you. You will be able to select ad placement on up to six different print and digital touch points per customer, depending on the Shipper's capabilities. You have final approval on your creative. Our technology platform will then link with the Shipper's fulfillment technology and automatically serve your ads on the agreed upon digital and print touch points.

Track Responses

3. Track your responses in real time

Access your campaign via our secure Ad Campaign Dashboard. We provide the following real-time analytics:

  • Packages sent and delivered;
  • Emails sent and opened;
  • Impressions per Pay-Per-Ship® transaction;
  • Visits to the tracking page;
  • Clicks;
  • Other key metrics.