Advertise with Outstanding Response Rates
Our Pay-Per-Ship advertising platform offers high response rates.
targeted response rates

Multiple impressions for a single Pay-Per-Ship price.
Excellent targeting capabilities.
Custom order tracking for upsell opportunities.
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Excellent Exposure in Visible Communications
Because they appear in transactional
communications related to a purchase a consumer
has already made, AdShip ads have a higher chance
of being viewed than ads included in sales emails,
unsolicited mail, or other mediumss.
Exposure in Visible Communications
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Target Customers with Pinpoint Accuracy
target customers with pin point accuracy
With Pay-Per-Ship®, your ad reaches consumers who are proven buyers of complementary retail products. You can further target your advertising down to the zip code.
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Multiple Impressions to the Same Consumer
Multiple Impressions for the Same Customer
We offer up to six touch points per shipment. We have tracked as many as 50 impressions for a single shipment due to repeat visits to the shipment tracking portal.
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Order Confirmation Page  Order Confirmation Page
Order Confirmation Email  Order Confirmation Email
Shipment Tracking Email   Shipment Tracking Email
Tracking Portal  Tracking Portal
Printed Packing List  Printed Packing List
Delivery Confirmation Email  Delivery Confirmation Email
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