What do you need to know?

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What is Pay-Per-Ship®?

Pay-Per-Ship® is an advertising model that delivers advertisements on as many as six touch-points delivered across two mediums – digital and print – to consumers that have purchased products to be delivered via mail. Pay-Per-Ship® offers multiple advertising impressions to the consumers throughout the order fulfillment life cycle.

Advertisements can appear on any or all of the following touch points:

  • Order confirmation page;
  • Order confirmation email;
  • Shipment tracking email;
  • Tracking portal;
  • Printed packing list (QR codes optional); and/or,
  • Delivery confirmation email.

What does integration entail?

We offer a number of fast and easy integration solutions depending on your current systems and the volume of shipments you send out each month. Many require little or no custom integration. We encourage you to fill out our Shipper Inquiry Form so that one of our customer support representatives can contact you to discuss available solutions to suit your needs.

What will my packing slip and digital communications look like?

You can continue to use your existing templates. We simply fill the white space with an ad. We can show you mock-ups of what a third-party advertisement would look like on your templates.Click here to see a few samples.

How do I approve the advertisements that will appear on my shipping touch points?

Shippers have the opportunity to review and sign-off on all advertisements prior to a campaign's release.

How do I get paid?

You will receive a pre-determined amount of money for each package that is shipped with AdShip advertising. Payments are sent by wire transfer, check, or PayPal on the 30th day of the month following the month in which the Pay-Per-Ship® transactions are completed.