Your order fulfillment customer touch points. An ad from a complementary third-party advertiser. Our technology.

Earn revenue from the unused real estate on your packing list and digital tracking and order confirmation emails in just three simple steps.

Get Paid

1. Integrate with AdShip

First, we'll ask you to complete a brief survey to confirm that you are eligible to join our network. Once you are approved, an integration specialist will contact you to discuss the fastest and easiest integration method for your shipping platform.

Approve an advertiser

2. Approve an advertiser

We will then present you with a list of advertisers interested in purchasing a Pay-Per-Ship® advertising campaign on your print and digital order fulfillment touch points. You approve the advertiser, as well as the actual ad. The ads are then dynamically served on the print and digital touch points that you select.

Get Paid

3. Get paid

Because our ad campaigns can launch within 48 hours of being approved, we have a quick payment schedule. We pay participating Shippers per campaign on the 30th day of the month following the month in which the Pay-Per-Ship® transactions are completed.