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Extra Money
AdShip pairs you with a
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You place ads in all of
your shipments.

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How it Works
Integrate with AdShip
Don't worry, it's easy. And our Integration
Specialist will help you at every step.
Approve an Advertiser
You approve everything you ship, from the
advertiser to the ad itself.
Get Paid Quickly
We pay on the 30th of the month following
the campaign, so you never wait.
Additional Revenue Stream
Every package that you ship makes you more money.
Custom Package Tracking
Our tracking solution is free, and customers love it.
Easy to Participate
Our technology makes it easy to implement.
Access for Smaller Companies
Our system allows for smaller companies to earn.
Custom Order Tracking Page
Custom Order Tracking
Our fully customizable order tracking
page takes the place of FedEx and
UPS websites.

This enables you to brand your
customer experience through delivery,
as well as create excellent up-sell