AdShip turn Shippers into Publishers

Earn revenue from the prime real estate on your customer touch points throughout the online order fulfillment process.

AdShip is a free program that connects advertisers with shippers…and turn shippers into publishers. AdShip is the world’s first online platform to place targeted advertisement on multiple digital and print touch points throughout the package fulfillment process.

Who we are

A partnership platform for advertisers and shippers

Our PayPerShip advertising model offers multiple advertising impressions to a single consumer throughout the order fulfillment process.

What we do

Place ads on transactional communications from e-commerce shippers

Our technology dynamically inserts complementary advertisements on shippers’ post-purchase, customer-facing digital and print order fulfillment touch points.

How we do it

Streamlined access for both advertisers and shippers

We make it easy for advertisers to select shippers, upload ads, and track responses in real-time. And easy for shippers to approve advertisers, and get paid.

How you benefit

New revenue stream
Adds up to a nice bonus for smaller shippers and significant revenue for larger shippers.

Ease of participation
Easily place our AdShip Ad Tags where you want the ad to show on your touch points.

Advertising that enhances your original sale
You maintain control over ad choice and can select ads that complement your product offering and enhance the value of the purchase for your customers.

Order Fulfillment Touch Points

Order Confirmation Page
The final page that appears when a customer buys a product online.

Order Confirmation Email
The first email that is generated to confirm the purchase.

Shipment Tracking Email
The email containing tracking information for the package.

Tracking Portal
Shows the ad when the customer checks the status of their package.

Printed Packing List or shipping label
Ad printed directly on the packing list and placed in the box or on the shipping label.

Delivery Confirmation Email
Inform customers precisely when their package has been delivered.

Long cookie duration.

If a customer comes from your site or any touch-points and then comes back to purchase six months later, you get credit.